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Preparing Your Stucco Walls For Winter

Prepare stucco walls winter

It’s the middle of the summer, and all you want to do is relax and enjoy the sunny days, and it’s okay. But as a homeowner, you should start preparing your house with stucco walls for the winter. The lack of stucco maintenance allows winter to cause severe damage on your stucco and pay for an expensive stucco repair.

But don’t worry; in this post, you will learn how winter affects your stucco and how to prepare yourself.

How Winter Affects Your Stucco

You may have seen minor cracks in your stucco, which is normal. Still, during winter, the frigid temperatures can cause any existing cracks or gaps to widen. The bigger the hole, the bigger the chance of water seeping into your home.

During the winter months, moisture can creep up and damage the structural integrity of your stucco framing. All the melted snow will drain inside the stucco during springtime, creating a perfect ground for mold and rot.

Also, flying debris can impact your home during the winter and high winds, potentially damaging your stucco. There’s no way to prevent a situation like this; nevertheless, a well-maintained stucco is more resistant to impact.

How To Be Prepared

You can minimize the risks of winter damaging your stucco walls by having professional stucco maintenance now and then. Your stucco will strengthen and increase its life span, making you spend less money than on any stucco repairs.

Avoid spending one of the most beautiful seasons of the year having issues with your home. Keep your family and friends together safe during the holidays. If you see any signs that your stucco might require maintenance or repair, contact a stucco company right away. If you don’t know any, we recommend Engel Coatings Inc.

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