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How To Prevent Stucco Damages

How to prevent stucco damage

Stucco is a durable building material consisting of sand, water, and lime. It’s been used as an attractive exterior finish to homes and buildings and a sign of wealth or status. But proper care must be taken to ensure that stucco lasts a long time. Learn how to prevent stucco damages by reading this blog.

Be Aware of the Signs

If you notice that cracks or damage have appeared on your home’s stucco façade that wasn’t previously there, these are signs that something is wrong with the structure behind it. In addition to damage from environmental factors such as wind or rain exposure, stucco can develop problems due to poor installation during construction.

If any part of your home’s exterior has buckled or appears warped, your structure underneath is shifting. High winds are almost guaranteed to cause problems for stucco, as are heavy rains and other inclement weather.

Have Proper Ventilation

Moisture buildup inside your home, whether from poor ventilation or flooding, can be very damaging to walls and insulation. Stucco is no exception; it needs proper drainage to prevent moisture damage.

Make sure that there’s enough room overhang around your façade. The rainwater will flow away from the building rather than toward it – gutters are a must-have component of any exterior surface! Waterproofing should be applied according to the manufacturer before stucco goes up to prevent leakage problems.

Don’t Waste Time When It Comes To Repairs.

If cracks appear on your home’s stucco days after a storm or you notice water seeping through the walls, don’t delay in getting to work on repairs!

Moisture is your biggest enemy. Once it penetrates your walls, any attempts at repairing or building right away will be useless. The stucco must dry out before you try to do anything with it. Once curing has been allowed, you can begin patching up cracks and holes and other stucco damages it may have caused.

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