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4 Signs Of Stucco Leaks

4 signs of stucco leaks

Stucco leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage and untold headaches. While it’s true that stucco is a water-resistant material, it’s only as good as the quality of installation and workmanship.

Stucco leaks are typically easy to detect once you know where they are most likely to occur. That is why it is essential to find these potential problem areas before they become costly repairs.

Poor Drainage

If water sits on your home’s exterior for extended periods, the water begins to pool around the stucco, causing two problems:

Steam Damage

Stucco is very sensitive to high temperatures, and too much steam in an area can burn stucco into powder. This occurs when steam lines or boilers go through expansion joints within the stucco; over time, this action erodes at the joint and causes a hole in the stucco.

To prevent this, you should seal all joints around steam lines with high-quality epoxy or hydraulic cement.

Condensation And Mildew Growth

If your home was built before 1990, there is a good chance that it has traditional stucco. Water could seep behind the walls and cause damage from condensation and mildew growth if your stucco installation wasn’t done correctly.

For the future: don’t hire any contractors who offer rock-bottom prices for repair work. It might be a sign they did not install your home’s stucco correctly in the first place.

Cracks in Your Stucco

New cracks in your stucco are a sign that something is changing the expansion and contraction of your home. Cracks are usually an indication of a change in the humidity around your house, water damage to stucco joints, or faulty installation.

If you notice any cracks forming on your exterior walls, call a professional immediately because this might be a sign that your entire wall needs to be replaced.

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