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3 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Exterior Paint This Spring

3 signs its time to update exterior paint

It's easy to see that your home's exterior paint plays a large role in the overall appearance and beauty of your house. Like most things exposed to the elements, it will need to be touched up or replaced in order to preserve your home's value and protect your exterior surfaces. Have you walked around your home lately to check the condition of your exterior paint? How are you supposed to know when it's the right time for an exterior painting project? The best time of year to take care of your home's exterior painting needs is when the seasons change from winter to spring. To help you get a better idea of when your Las Cruces home is in need of a new exterior paint job, our team of skilled stucco repair experts has put together this article about a few signs you can look out for that might indicate your home is overdue.

1. Peeling Paint

If you take a look around your home and notice that you have areas of your exterior paint that are peeling, it might be time to give your local painting contractor a call and start picking out colors. These flaking and chipped areas of your home's exterior aren't going to get any better on their own, and will only continue to get worse as time goes on. As these areas continue to peel, crack, and come off of your home, the materials underneath your paint are going will become more susceptible to damage. If you find any areas around your home with bits of paint lying on the ground, but you can't seem to find where they're coming from, it could indicate that the paint on the upper levels of your home is peeling.

2. Dirty Exterior That Doesn't Wash Clean

When the exterior surfaces of your home get too dirty, a good pressure washing, or soft washing in the case of more delicate materials, can usually help to remove these contaminants and leave the surfaces of your home looking fresh and clean once again. If you find that washing the sides of your home doesn't seem to be doing anything to get rid of that dirty, worn look, it might be time for a new coat of paint. Investing in a new coat of exterior paint will help to get your home a fresh start, which is sometimes what's needed.

3. Fading Color

Over time, the fierce rays of the sun will eventually start to fade and dull the colors of your exterior paint. What was once a bright, vibrant color can easily be rendered a faded, worn-out-looking version of itself over time. When that happens, it's probably time to start looking at new color options. Applying a new coat of exterior paint to your home will help to instantly refresh the look of your home, even out the color, and give your home a well-cared-for look.

Be sure to pick Las Cruces' number one stucco repair team for exterior painting services this spring – Engel Coatings. We love to paint homes and watch them go from dull and dingy to bright and colorful in just a few hours' time. Our workmanship is unmatched and the results we offer are sure to impress. Just give us a call when the weather starts to warm up and we'll be ready to give your home a brand new coat of exterior paint.

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