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Why Is It Important To Have A Well-Applied Stucco Surface?

Choosing stucco as a material to build your home is a wise choice as it offers excellent benefits. However, stucco is a tricky material to work with. Most companies don’t have enough experience to mix proportions, have insufficient mixing, or have poor working quality, leading to disasters. That’s why in this post, we’ll address the […]

3 Reasons Why Holes Appear On Your Stucco Walls

When building our home or buying one, we choose stucco-made houses because they are one of the most durable wall surfaces available. However, even the most durables deteriorate over time, requiring maintenance; stucco is not an exception. You may have seen cracks and holes in your stucco wall; have you wondered why?  Stick around and […]

Are Your Stucco Walls Prepared For Winter?

It’s the middle of the summer, and all you want to do is relax and enjoy the sunny days, and it’s okay. But as a homeowner, you should start preparing your house with stucco walls for the winter. The lack of stucco maintenance allows winter to cause severe damage on your stucco and pay for […]

Interior Peeling Paint: Why it happens & How to Fix it

The outside of your house is important. However, the interior of your house is just as vital since it is what you observe every day. There is one problem that most people obviate, such as interior peeling. After some time, interior peeling is imminent, but there are ways to prevent interior peeling like acquiring peeling […]

How to Restore a House that You Inherited

If you recently inherited a property and would like to have the right conditions before moving in or you’d like to sell the property, you must give it maintenance. Besides, house restoration is always fun although it takes a long time. Here are some tips to restore an inherited property and take it to the […]

Elastomeric Stucco vs Traditional Stucco

If you are planning on getting stucco, there are two great products you must be familiar with, such as elastomeric stucco and traditional stucco. However, they are vastly different. From textures to price range, to colors and name differences, they can provide different results. Learn their pros and cons to make a more informed decision […]

How To Choose The Right Stucco Contractor

Taking on a home DIY project is challenging, especially when it comes to using stucco. There are certain repairs or fixes you can try yourself, such as adding a new coat of paint in your house or cleaning your floors. Still, there are certain materials like stucco, which should only be handled by an expert […]

Exterior Painting Preparation Tips

Exterior painting is just as significant as interior painting because that’s your presentation card to the outside world and, obviously, your neighbors. Exterior painting has different preparation depending on the type of surfaces you may have, such as concrete, brick, wood, or vinyl. Continue reading to know more about home painting and where to find […]

How to Repair Large Stucco Cracks

Once your stucco starts cracking, you can either repair it or call an expert, depending on how cracked it is. However, there are some simple steps you can follow in order to fix your stucco. In this article, you’ll find that and more.  Where Do Cracks Come From? Although cracks in stucco can happen for […]

Maintenance Tips For Your Home’s Stucco

There are many reasons why stucco is so well-known among homeowners in El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM. Stucco is strong, it’s not difficult to keep up, and it looks great. If it’s applied appropriately, stucco can last 50 years or more, as long as it’s all around dealt with.  The last part is […]

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