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Homeowners Guide Stucco Maintenance

Stucco is a popular choice for exterior siding because of its durability and versatility. Stucco can be applied to any type of home, but it does require maintenance on occasion. We’ll show you what you need to know about stucco maintenance so that your home’s exterior looks great year after year.   What Is Stucco […]

How To Prevent Stucco Damage

Stucco is a durable building material consisting of sand, water, and lime. It’s been used as an attractive exterior finish to homes and buildings and a sign of wealth or status. But proper care must be taken to ensure that stucco lasts a long time. Learn how to prevent stucco damages by reading this blog.  […]

4 Signs Of Stucco Leaks

Stucco leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage and untold headaches. While it’s true that stucco is a water-resistant material, it’s only as good as the quality of installation and workmanship.   Stucco leaks are typically easy to detect once you know where they are most likely to occur. That is why it is […]

Why Is Roof Coatings Good For Your Business?

Are you looking to save on utility costs, increase customer satisfaction and make your business look better? If so, applying high-quality roof coatings for commercial buildings is a fantastic decision. The surface of roofs often becomes damaged and blackened with exposure to harmful pollutants and UV rays.    This coating will keep the building’s original […]

5 Reasons To Choose 100% Acrylic Painting For Your Business

As a business owner, you know that first impressions last. If your business looks clean, great, and neat, it’ll attract more customers. Part of giving a good first impression is having quality exterior paint. Out of all the options in the market, 100% acrylic painting might be just the right choice. In this article, we’ll […]

7 Signs You Need A Gutter Replacement

According to local newspapers in Las Cruces, NM, more rain is expected. Homeowners have just dealt with the flood, but there’s more to come. Maybe it’s time to check if your gutters are working correctly or not to minimize the risk of flood and water damage. In this article, learn seven signs you need a […]

Why Is It Important To Have A Well-Applied Stucco Surface?

Choosing stucco as a material to build your home is a wise choice as it offers excellent benefits. However, stucco is a tricky material to work with. Most companies don’t have enough experience to mix proportions, have insufficient mixing, or have poor working quality, leading to disasters. That’s why in this post, we’ll address the […]

3 Reasons Why Holes Appear On Your Stucco Walls

When building our home or buying one, we choose stucco-made houses because they are one of the most durable wall surfaces available. However, even the most durables deteriorate over time, requiring maintenance; stucco is not an exception. You may have seen cracks and holes in your stucco wall; have you wondered why?  Stick around and […]

Are Your Stucco Walls Prepared For Winter?

It’s the middle of the summer, and all you want to do is relax and enjoy the sunny days, and it’s okay. But as a homeowner, you should start preparing your house with stucco walls for the winter. The lack of stucco maintenance allows winter to cause severe damage on your stucco and pay for […]

Interior Peeling Paint: Why it happens & How to Fix it

The outside of your house is important. However, the interior of your house is just as vital since it is what you observe every day. There is one problem that most people obviate, such as interior peeling. After some time, interior peeling is imminent, but there are ways to prevent interior peeling like acquiring peeling […]

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