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Las Cruces Stucco Repair & Restoration Services

There are many details that go into Stucco Repair and Restoration for your El Paso or Las Cruces property that Engel Coatings Inc handles with both precision and professionalism.

Many think it’s an easy process that anyone can do, however, that’s not the case. While it’s true that anyone can slap some stucco finish up on a wall, the process is much more complicated. Plus, to obtain the correctly matched finish, experience is key. Otherwise you end up with a substandard project where no one is happy with the outcome.

Plus, to obtain the correctly matched finish, you truly do need years of experience in the industry. Otherwise you end up with a substandard project where no one is happy with the outcome.

Engel Coatings frequently receives requests to perform stucco repairs on work that was previously performed by other companies. Most of the time, low bids end up with low quality. Stucco work truly takes an experienced and artistic touch, in that it’s a process that takes years to learn, can’t be hurried along, and is actually enjoyed by worker. As true craftsmen in our field, we value the pleasure we get from doing the work well and getting the beautiful quality finish you’re looking for.

Las Cruces Stucco Repair and Stucco Restoration

Matching stucco to your existing texture is a challenging task that we undertake with the confidence of being experts in our field!

If you’re even considering doing your own stucco repair or restoration, think twice. Matching paint is only one small step and that is no easy feat. First, you must match the type of textured finish applied with the stucco.There are several types of standard finishes from sand stucco to a heavy southwestern stucco finish that you’ll have to exactly match before you ever get to the paint matching. Acrylics and traditional stucco materials are easy for us to work with, but if you never have done it, the process can be a bit tedious to learn

All of this is better left to professionals who have the experience to make the surfaces look untouched. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with obvious areas that you’ll either have to put up with or will need to have redone by a professional.

If you are looking for a Las Cruces Stucco Repair & Restoration expert then please call Engel Coatings Inc. at 575-642-5481 or complete our online request form.

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