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Roofing Services In Las Cruces

roof repairRoofing repairs are an essential part of home maintenance. Any number of things can cause roof damage including storm weather, animals, and the age of the roof. In fact, leaks start happening as the roof ages because the materials wear down and become vulnerable to moisture. The flashing around the roof projections can also malfunction. Anywhere that water seeps in under the exterior roofing materials, the house or commercial building is vulnerable to moisture damage.

If you have discovered that your roof is aging or leaking, call our Las Cruces roofing contractors at Engel Coatings, Inc. We can help you repair and restore your roof as well as protect it from future damage. Here's how.

We Can Help With Roof Repairs & Restorations

A new era in roofing repairs has arrived. You no longer have to choose from the standard methods of roof repairs and restorations. Today, there are rubberized roofing membranes that can take care of all types of roofing problems. Our roofers use this method to repair and restore roofs in Las Cruces. They seal and protect this vital structure for the long-term. The question is, why deal with leaks when you can repair the roof with a high-performance roofing system?

Engel Coatings, Inc. uses several roofing restoration systems from GE. There are different applications for each type of roofing systems including, metal, single-ply, BUR, concrete, tile, and asphalt substrates.

This method is perfect for repairs and patches or for the protection of seams, roof penetrations, and other parts of the roof architecture. As a modern roofing system, it's the perfect option for anyone who needs roofing repairs.

Why Choose Us For Roofing Repairs?

Our roofers work on both residential and commercial roofing systems. We have a very long history of providing quality services in Las Cruces and surrounding areas. We keep up with advancements in new products so we can ensure that our work results in longer lasting repairs. We know that quality leads to customer satisfaction and this is why we strive for consistent quality on every job.

For more information about our Roofing Repair Services in Las Cruces, please call 575-642-5481 or complete our online request form.

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