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Las Cruces Elastomeric Stucco Experts

Las Cruces Elastomeric Stucco

Not that many years ago, advancement in technologies for paint and coatings for the exteriors of buildings and homes allowed manufacturers to bring an Elastomeric Coating to the market. Today we've made even further advancements with a 100% Acrylic Polymer Elastomeric Stucco product that's specifically designed to appear just like the old stucco product. We no longer need to apply stucco with a coating on top to protect it because the Elastomeric Stucco solution combines the two. Elastomeric Stucco is an amazing product because it stands up to time like no other product can. The coating integrity on the Elastomeric Stucco will exceed 30 year exposure to all kinds of weather conditions. This product is truly amazing because it is not only resistant to moisture, but is also resistant to other highly destructive conditions. Here are a few of the benefits of the advanced Elastomeric Stucco that your Las Cruces Stucco Repair specialist provides:

  • Available in over 10,000 colors
  • Comes in texture options from sand finishes to heaviest southwest stucco finish
  • Un-matched resistance to cracking
  • Highly flexible so seals well no matter temperature changes
  • Pre-colored which makes color non fading
  • Extremely durable
  • Resistant to mildew and mold
  • Breathable
  • Prevents Rust
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • For new construction, Retrofit, or Repair
  • Effective in Climates from -70°F to 180°F

Elastomeric Weatherproofing Sealant

Along with your highly durable Elastomeric Stucco finish, you'll have a completely sealed surface with the use of our Elastomeric Weatherproofing Sealant from Engel Coatings Inc. This product doesn't just seal your exterior well, it flexes with any type of expansion or contractions going on with your building materials as the temperatures change. Sealant that is very flexible that it won't crack is just what you need at all times in our part of the country where the temperatures are hugely different from night to day. With this type of sealant, you're all set for a complete barrier that's impervious to moisture.

  • Freeze and thaw stable
  • Seals widths up to 3 inches (needs proper backing)
  • Remains Flexible
  • Outstanding Adhesion
  • VOC Compliant
  • Unnoticeable (Looks like mortar, stucco, and concrete)
  • Paintable
  • Water Cleanup
  • Resistant to Ozone
  • Resistant to UV
  • Resistant to Airborne Contaminants

Having an exterior that's covered from top to bottom with a coating that's resistant to UV, ozone, airborne contaminants, water or moisture, and more gives you the advantage over other regular exteriors. Your home or commercial property will literally withstand the tests of time, with all your building materials completely protected. We can also apply the elastomeric roof coating to your roof top, no matter the structure underneath, giving you that head to toe coverage.

Water tight seals at all joints, both vertical and horizontal and placement where any gaps exist is the ideal way to weatherproof between different materials such as brick, block, masonry, wood, concrete, metal, and architectural elements such as quoins, key stone, window trim, etc. With outstanding adhesion, this sealant will stick well to any prepared surface. It remains flexible throughout the years and will resist slumping.

Our Las Cruces Elastomeric Stucco Services

  • Elastomeric Stucco Repair
  • Elastomeric Stucco Restoration
  • Restore Elastomeric Stucco
  • Repair Elastomeric Stucco
  • Elastomeric Stucco Services
  • Damaged Elastomeric Stucco
  • Elastomeric Stucco Matching
  • Elastomeric Stucco Painting
  • Repaint Elastomeric Stucco
  • Fix Elastomeric Stucco
  • Elastomeric Stucco Restore
  • Elastomeric Stucco

If you are looking for a Las Cruces Stucco Repair expert specializing in Elastomeric Stucco then please call Engel Coatings Inc. at 575-642-5481 or complete our online request form.

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