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Commercial & Multi-Family Painting & Stucco Repair & Restoration

Las Cruces Commercial & Multi-Family Painting & Stucco Repair & Restoration

After having been in the Las Cruces Stucco Repair/Stucco Restoration and Las Cruces Painting Contractor business for more than 25 years, we are quite knowledgeable about how to properly complete our work for the best outcome here at Engel Coatings Inc. In fact, we are committed to giving you the best possible finishes on every job. With thousands of painting and stucco jobs under our belts, remember our professionals at Engel Coatings Inc when you need Stucco Repairs, Restorations, or your interior or exterior repainted.

Your commercial and multi-family property in the greater Las Cruces area is important to you, which is why when your property needs to be repainted or your stucco restored, you want to call a company of experts that can handle the work no matter what’s needed. Trust the professionals at Engel Coatings Inc for all your commercial stucco repair or commercial painting projects and you’ll have beautiful, quality finishes you can be proud of.

Stucco Repair For Commercial & Multi-Family Properties

The first step to any stucco repair is to first come and asses the damages and many other factors that will make a difference in what you really need to have done. The condition of the underlying materials, the extent of the damages, how they were damaged, what type of stucco texture and finish you had on previously, are a few of the aspects we need to assess in order to provide an accurate quote.

Whether your Stucco Repairs are involved or simple, our professionals know all there is to know about how to match your current stucco work, and will make the repairs involved so you can’t tell there was ever an issue. We can also handle any historical building stucco repair work with expertise. We know that older buildings and homes require a special, gentle approach so the materials of the building or home don’t get damaged, but instead look new again!

Stucco Restoration For Commercial & Multi-Family Properties

Stucco restoration for your home or business in Las Cruces and west side of El Paso involves completely restoring the surface on an entire wall or building. If your home or commercial building needs to have extensive stucco repair work, then we will be doing a restoration. During restoration, you have professionals working on your home or business that you can trust. At Engel Coatings Inc, our team is committed to our customers, providing as much as possible in the way of quality workmanship and services that are unsurpassed.

Stucco restoration takes a lot of hard work and skill. If you allow amateurs to provide you with the work, you’re asking for trouble because stucco isn’t an easy application and stucco restoration has a lot more involved than you may think. For instance, the patter of the texture of stucco comes in several styles from a smoother, sanded finish to highly textured surfaces that look astounding.

Las Cruces Commercial & Multi-Family Painting & Stucco Repair Services

  • Commercial Painting
  • Multi-Family Painting
  • Commercial Stucco Repair
  • Commercial Stucco Restoration
  • Multi-Family Stucco Repair
  • Multi-Family Gutters
  • Commercial Gutters
  • Multi-Family Stucco Restoration
  • Commercial Roof Coating
  • Commercial Elastomeric Coating
  • Multi-Family Roof Coating
  • Commercial Paint Services

If you are looking for a Las Cruces Stucco Repair & Painting Contractor to hire for Commercial or Multi-Family Stucco or Painting services then please call Engel Coatings Inc. at 575-642-5481 or complete our online request form.

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