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100% Acrylic Paints & Finishes For Your Las Cruces Property

Acrylic paints and finishes

100% acrylic paints and finishes are available at Engel Coatings Inc. We're known best for our work with stucco repair in Las Cruces, and you'll be just as pleased and impressed once you see our acrylic work. We offer superior results for interior and exterior painting, including the use of acrylics.

If you need stucco repair in the Las Cruces area, including restoration, finishes, painting, sealing, or other similar services, 100% acrylic materials are a great option to choose. You'll have a beautiful surface finish that's resistant to the elements common in the El Paso and Las Cruces area that lasts for years.

100% Acrylic Paints

Want to learn more about 100% acrylic paints & finishes? As far as acrylic paints go, they dry fast, are easy to clean up, are resistant to moisture, are flexible and durable. These are key elements that are necessary for areas of the country where there are greater differences in temperature fluctuation from day to night. The elasticity alone makes acrylic materials highly desirable because they resist cracking.

The first synthetic paint was used in the 1940s, with the first acrylics made available in the 1950s. Created initially as artist’s paints, they soon became widely used in house paints. More modern high viscosity acrylic paints became available in the 1960s. Since then, they have increased in durability and coverage factors. Today, acrylics are now in many other products, including the newly manufactured acrylic stucco, a high-quality finish that lasts up to 30 years!

100% Acrylic Finishes

Many options in finishes are available in 100% acrylics and finishes for your commercial property or home. For example, the elastomeric coatings we use on roofs and stucco finishes give you coverage and protection like no other. Often with the feeling and flexibility of rubber, 100% acrylic finishes give you a tough exterior that’s impervious to moisture, UV ray damages, impacts, temperature fluctuations, and more. This highly elastic material gives great finish capability and seals wonderfully.

100% Acrylics

Many of the materials we use are made with 100% acrylics. Acrylic provides excellent coverage, adheres well to just about any surface, is highly durable and long-lasting, is friendly to the environment, healthier for occupants, and comes in a wide range of options. Advancements in materials manufacturing for the construction industry have produced many options for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Call Engel Coatings Inc for outstanding service in Las Cruces involving 100% acrylic paints & finishes.

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