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Las Cruces Stucco Repair & Restoration Company

Engel Coatings Inc. offers you over 25 Years Of House Painting experience along with Stucco Repair & Restoration services in the El Paso and Las Cruces area. With decades as the area's Painting and Stucco Repair Company of choice, we’ve gained valuable experience in providing our customers a high quality of craftsmanship on every project.

Is your home, office, commercial building, or multi-family residential property is in need of painting, flat roof coating or seamless gutter installation? Contact the experts at Engel Coatings Inc for your Las Cruces stucco repairs, redecorating or restoration purposes!

Over 90% of the building exteriors in our region consist of some form of traditional or synthetic stucco material. As trained professionals in this product, we know a successful job cannot be completed without performing all three of the following:

  • Careful Inspection
  • Quality Preparation
  • Skilled Stucco Repair, Restoration, & Painting

Las Cruces Stucco Repair and Restoration Company

Engel Coatings Inc is the leading stucco restoration and painting specialist in this area for a reason. We keep up to date on all the latest products and techniques that come to market and use what makes sense. But there are not many “new” ways to do a quality stucco restoration job.

We keep up to date on all the latest products and techniques that come to market and use what makes sense. But there are not many “new” ways to do a quality stucco restoration job.

Our proven painting and stucco restoration skills consisently deliver the most durable and long lasting application available.

If you are a property owner in Las Cruces or the El Paso area, the question has likely come up in your mind about a crack you see growing, peeling or bubbling taking place, etc. We see these issues every day and have experience with nearly any kind of stucco restoration problem you can imagine.

Do you simply want to repaint or refinish your interior or exterior to freshen up the look of your home? Color and texture matching is our great niche and can offer high-quality paint as well as eco-friendly options in coatings and pints if that is what you prefer.

Do you have an issue with your Stucco?

Let us come out, properly inspect the problem, and give you a free estimate. Just call the number below any time you have questions or need help with Stucco Repairs, Painting, Seamless Gutters, Roof Coatings or any of our other professional services.

Stucco Repair and Restoration

Las Cruces Stucco Repair and Restoration

If your stucco is in need of repair or restoration, trust the professionals at Engel Coatings Inc. We will professionally restore your stucco, matching your existing texture and color with expertise no matter the extent of your damages.

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Exterior Painting


The exterior paint on your home or commercial property serves a protective barrier to elements as well as being a large component of your curb appeal. Let us keep your exterior paint looking fresh and new, and your exterior well protected.

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Interior Painting

Las Cruces Interior Painting

Interior Painting gives you a fresh new look in any room. Whether you have commercial property, multi-family property, or a single family home, we can help you brighten your interior spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more.

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Roof Coatings


In the desert southwest, roof coatings for homes and businesses are very popular due to their flexibility and ability to withstand our excessive weather changes. We install Elastomeric, Silicone and Hybrid roof coating systems.

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Seamless Aluminum Gutters


Seamless aluminum gutters for your El Paso & Las Cruces Homes & Commercial Properties can make a difference on how well your property stands up to all types of weather because they protect your siding and foundation from water damages.

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Window and Door Replacement

Window and Door Replacement

Looking for window replacement-- Engel Coatings is your best choice. Over the years we have seen many poorly completed projects because most window replacement companies don't specialize in finishing, drywall and stucco the way we do.

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Why Choose Engel Coatings Inc. For Your Stucco Restoration and Painting Projects?

Did you know the most important aspect of every stucco repair or paint job is in the proper preparation?

This isn’t an industry secret. It’s simply a gathering of knowledge through years of “on the job” experience. The Engel Coatings Inc team delivers a complete process that stands up to the highest quality standards, yet is tailored exclusively to your project.

For example, when you contact us for an estimate, we do an overview inspection which can quickly reveal inexpensive solutions to the problems going on with your exterior or interior finishes. Recommending and applying preventative measures is critical to avoiding major problems down the line.

A cracked stucco wall may not be an issue at all, but without proper inspection, you would never know.

Inspecting problems like these means your repairs will be made correctly, doing only what is needed to end or solve the problem at hand. We like to keep in mind that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Engel Coatings Inc works with quality manufacturers such as:

  • Dunn-Edwards Paint Product
  • Sherwin Williams Paint Products
  • Elastek Elastomeric Roofing Product
  • Sto Paint and Synthetic Stucco Products
  • Cabot Paint and Sealers
  • Rustoleum Paint and Sealers
  • General Electric Elastomerics and Sealants

If you are looking for Las Cruces Stucco Repair or a Las Cruces Painting Contractor then please call 575-642-5481 or complete our online request form.

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